Tales of Wind's logoEveryone in their childhood is interested to listen to the bedtime stories told by grandmothers. But what if you had entered your teenage? Here is best solution for all your worries! Good news for entertainment buff! Let this time wind tell you brave tales! Yes you guessed right! We are talking about Tales of Wind which is an action-based MMORPG portal that allows the players to enter into an imaginary world named as Laplace M. Hence get ready to show your courage and skills in real-time PVP Arena building that allows you to build your own elite team to fight and achieve victory.

Earlier this fascinating game was delivered only on mobile platforms but today it is available to stream on Windows PC and Mac. From the many video streaming websites available in the market like MovieBox, Popcorn Time, Showbox etc, BlueStacks stands to be the ultimate solution for all your video streaming demands that allows one to watch movies, episodes, sports, documentaries and others for free! Hands on its latest version released to download and install with help of Emulators that let you enjoy its Android version and other alternatives as well. Customize to play this action MMORPG that has cute characters to offer you soothing experience when streaming the game on your favorite PC, Mac or any other alternative.

How to get it to play this Game on PC and Mac?

Tales of Wind for PC
Tales of Wind is an action pack game that is worth talking about. Having interesting storyline it offers numerous cards and allows the players to equip the desired power they want to get transformed to use their character skills to save the city. But don’t let your opponents get hard on you as they are more powerful monsters who can be hard on you. Best access the different games modes that are available to play the characters related to storyline.

It is advisable to download BlueStack on your favorite device that is free to download and stream best android games like this. For better game play, invite your friends and involve in live chat with other players to have effective communication and coordination to let your team complete the mission. As you clear step by step earn extra abilities that will make your journey and the kingdom much easier. However there are different elements that will beg for your attention as and when you get started to play. To be on safe side, enter into the battle only when you think that you are ready and prepared to defeat them.

Just follow these 3 steps to enjoy playing this amazing game on your favorite PC/Mac. They are as follows:

  1. Download and install an emulator
  2. Login in with your Google account
  3. Install the game direct from Google Play Store

Best use these tips to stream this wonderful game on PC:

  1. Every game is set with two types of characters among which few act as heroes and few evil monsters who take over charge on the life of people living in the city. Therefore advantage the multiple cards offered in the game. Select the right kind of card to leverage its power to defeat your enemy.
  2. It is difficult to stream the game play without knowing the storyline. So take some time to gather some information about the story of the game which will help you play your role effectively to restore peace in the city.
  3. Every game includes hero and deadly monsters. Gain knowledge about your opponent strengths and weaknesses so that you can deal the situation with your character super powers to attack on them and win the game.
  4. Never let your enemy stand on you. Apply your skills and abilities and stream the play without any hassles. Though there are few limitations make sure they are helpful for you to race, shoot and attend the game quiz to win the BlueStack points.

Tips to access Bluestacks to Stream this Play on your PC:


Bluestacks's logo

  1. First install BlueStacks and then run the installer or emulator
    Click to open Bluestacks
  2. Complete the installation in one-time setup
  3. Next go to the search bar situated at the top-right corner and search for the game
  4. Click on the icon to get it installed on the Google Play Store
    Search and install Tales of Wind for PC
  5. Once the installation is successful, click on the game icon in the My Apps Tab
  6. That’s it you are all done! Now enjoy playing this game on your PC

Bluestacks official website:

Why choose Bluestacks to stream this amazing game?

Tales of Wind for PC and Mac
BlueStacks is an American Technology company which released BlueStacks App Player that is most powerful gaming engine ever created as Android Emulator that runs for free. It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to access cloud-based cross platforms to enable Android Applications so that they can stream their interested game on Windows PC and Apples Mac OS. So far millions of users had used it to run Android games and apps on computers. Play this game through it to attain the form of your interested creature or character and grasp their powers to fight against powerful monsters to bring peace back to La Place.

Invite your friends and team up with them or other players to explore this beautiful city in the vast world with different and innovative game modes. The different modes comprise of PvP, PvE and GvG modes, try them as each one has different and interesting features. Sad note is that at present it is not as bright as it used to be in back. It is thus very essential to grasp the power of your chosen one to solve the mystery of this menace and bring light back on this sacred land. Any guesses who is that chosen one? It’s none other than You! Yes play this game through BlueStacks on your PC or Mac, which is worldwide popular as best video streaming website that allows one to watch movies, episodes, stream sports, etc all for free without charging them single penny.

Get into action with BlueStacks as you are free to choose everything in the game play to fight against your opponents with help of interface skin to defeat your enemy. Gain ultimate freedom with BlueStacks that keeps you engaged to take your game to higher level and participate in quiz to win BlueStack points which you can redeem from BlueStack Store. As you start fighting with evil monsters best use your character skills and weapons as defense mechanism to defeat your enemy to get called as Hero! As you move on to stream the play will come across countless missions, get full access of your computer configuration and command schemes to restore the Glory of La Place. All you have to do is download this amazing game on your PC to best stream the game with BlueStack software that offers higher rate of performance!

On the other end, KoPlayer is also one of the best Android Emulator that is high on demand to stream Android version games and allows the apps to run on Windows systems smoothly. Built on x86 architecture this Android Emulator is more stable, helps the application run faster and very much compatible than other Android Emulators such as Nox and Memu. Once successfully installed the app from Google Play Store, run and play the game applications for free.

Guide to download this Game for Android and iOS platforms

Android logoPlay this free role playing game that is created and published by Neocraft Limited Company. Get into action like a hero to defeat the monsters and win the game. The minimum android version needed to run the app of this game is Android 4.2+. Once successfully installed this version it allows the players to download the latest version of this game APK 2.0.8 for Android to best stream the game directly from Google Play Store. It is available to stream on both Android and iOS platforms. Just download the apk app and get it installed with latest version of Emulators and then get it from Google Play Store. Just follow these simple steps:
logo iOS

  1. It is essential that you first disable the third party apps are currently enabled as an installation source. It is only that the APK of game runs on your PC, Android or iOS to best support the application.
  2. IGo to menu download the links provided for the game such as Mirror 1 Link, Mirror 2 Link etc to install apps.
  3. IRead the instructions carefully provided by your emulator to open and install the game on iOS platform.
  4. IEnjoy and save the page for future updates and change logs.

How is it compatible for other OS?

Enjoy playing this amazing game with global version of v2.0.8 via BlueStack to stream on your favorite iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎You can also access this game apk on your SmartPhone following the above mentioned steps to download and install the game from the available sources. Enter into the city of La Place that was first blessed by Gods but today is trapped under the shadow of evils. Come forward to grasp the power of best character to find the truth behind and bring the light again.

When you play on BlueStack grab the opportunity to win real prizes with your game play. Take part with competitive spirit, play the games, answer the quests and earn the points to redeem in BlueStack Store. It has transformed computer into best mobile gaming device with over 300+ users worldwide who love to stream android games. It is freely available on Windows Phones, Chromacast, Kodis, PS4 and PC that allows the users to gain better gaming experience.

BlueStack alternatives to Stream this Game

Tales of Wind for PC
Apart from BlueStack there are many other alternatives which allow act as live video streaming apps to watch movies, episodes, documentaries, sports etc. The most favorable apps for live streaming include:

  1. GenyMotion
  2. Koplayer
  3. Dolphin
  4. Youwave
  5. Andy Android Emulator

Access any of them that are lightweight and easy to use Android Emulators to best stream live sports and Android games on different Android device. You can best choose different android app versions that are compatible to work on Windows PC, Mac and iOS device all for free! While the player is enjoying their game they also receive 100 000 crystals once they win the game.


  1. What is BlueStack and why choose it for Android Games?
    BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that allows the users access it for free to stream their interested movies, live sports, episodes of favorite channels, documentaries etc anything after successful downloading of BlueStack App on their different devices such as PC, Mac or OS.
  2. Which platform best supports to run the application of this game?
    As said earlier, this game can be streamed with Bluestacks once downloaded the BlueStack App that allows users access Android Version games on their Windows PC, Apple Mac OS absolutely free.
  3. Is BlueStack free to stream all Android games?
    Yes, BlueStack is absolutely free and is available on major online application stores. It delivers fastest gaming experience to the user who has downloaded its latest version to achieve higher performance. Though BlueStack is not an Android Emulator it is one of the best Android Gaming platform that best supports all kinds of mobile applications/games to run on Windows PC, Mac and social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  4. List few alternatives of BlueStacks?
    Other than BlueStacks, one can also live stream android games best on GenyMotion, Dolphin, Youwave, KoPlayer and Andy Android Emulator which allows the users to play the android version games all for free.
  5. What is this game all about?
    The whole game revolves around Chinese drama that takes place in La Place, a beautiful city which was earlier blessed with Gods but today is under the trap of evil monsters. With BlueStack enter into the field of this game to complete your mission and take part in the battle with the super powers of your chosen character to defeat the monsters and bring back peace in La Place.